Check out our new project of the Dark Romance series: The Hunchback of Notre-Dame! The vicious criminal Quasimodo is free and he’s hunting the reigning beauty Esmeralda. Only you have the chance the save her and arrest the madman Quasimodo. But wait… Is that so simple in the famous story of the true love? You’ll have the chance to see the beautiful and high-quality art, and great 3-D animation accompanied by the consistent sounds and music.

Plunge into our new project of the Secret City: The Sunken Kingdom! The ancient lost Merfolk Kingdom is about to be found. The tyrant and their Immortal Generals are against you before you know it. Be the first to learn the true story of the Merfolk Kingdom and solve all the mysteries of the Secret City. Besides, check out our art: vibrant colors, fine texture, and dramatic movement. All this completes the exciting 3-D art, and great cut-scenes. The melodious sounds complete the whole underwater picture.

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